I’m aware of the SSL error on .coffee and working on it 🫡

Ok got another poll for y’all, Android or IOS?

@welshpixie mastodon.art has gotten me back into drawing! makes me very happy!!

Good morning, coffee lovers and coffee likers

@TQ Hi good morning TQ, I wanted to let you know I found a music/ creative instance the other day

Musicians of the fediverse, you still got over 1 week (until May 17th) to write, record and enter your song to the #fedivision Song Contest! Read up on this year's rules on fedivision.party and join the fun!
#eurovision #Fedivision2022 #music

if I ever say to you "I'm putting you on the list" that either means I'm following you on social media or friending you in a game lmao.


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