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This is most likely the most personal Mastodon I will ever have.

Hmm, let's do another poll! Please boost for a wider reach!

What do you use daily?

We gotta start and get it trending, mastodon needs quoting... I can't take this ancient practice of copying the URL of the post I want to quote. We need modernism, we need justice!

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BREAKING: 🇰🇷 South Korea has revived the 'Yeouido Grim Reaper' unit after two years of inactivity to investigate the $LUNA case.

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might be the best mobile game ad i’ve ever gotten

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‼️ Bi-Weekly Dev Blog #2 ‼️

This devblog covers:
📌 Pixelization (pet burning)
📌 Networking & UI
📌 Pixellate updates

Any questions about Pixelization? Ask us below!

Can't wait to listen to the new logic album but not be able to talk abt it with anyone bc apparently everyone else thinks he's trash.

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Chipotle sounds like the move today tbh.

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a documentary i did with @Dexerto recently . go check it out

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