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This is most likely the most personal Mastodon I will ever have.

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Each will be playable as YOUR individual NFT. Cheapest entry into the Pixelverse, you have been warned!

If you list below floor or make retarded trades to yourself trying to devalue or try to flip 24px then I don’t respect you as a human. @WeAre24px

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1/ This needs to be shared @0xSifu is the Co-founder of QuadrigaCX, Michael Patryn. If you are unfamiliar that is the Canadian exchange that collapsed in 2019 after the founder Gerald Cotten disappeared with $169m

I have confirmed this with Daniele over messages.

Glad I never got into $TIME lmfao, gonna stay on watch and make sure I don’t get into @danielesesta current or future projects, how tf are you gonna support a scammer? Smfh.

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Giving away 1 FREE MINT + 5 WL spots for @ThePixlverse to end off the night 🎁

To enter:
1⃣ Like + RT
2⃣ Follow @ThePixlverse (+ turn notifications on)

That's it - clean and simple! Picking in 48 hours 🕑

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I have whitelist spots for a P2E project that has a doxxed team with a proven track record of highly successful NFT projects + 15 partnered projects and counting

First 1000 RTs will be in for a surprise ✍️

Adding another 13m pairs of data to train into the chatbot

Just got me another @SappySealsNFT! My first buy from @LooksRareNFT! ARF! 🦭🦭 @wabdoteth

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People, reminder to verify your or holding in the 24px discord ( to be eligible for the upcoming WL raffles, one of which will open tomorrow!

Normies getting mad about Twitter nft verification is funny af lmao

My Twitter pfp is now a hexagon shaped one, we are not the same.

Just wasted $2.99 for Twitter blue so I could properly set my nft verifiably as my Twitter pfp lmao, right click savers down bad or maybe I am for spending money on this shit 😂😂 NFT by 24px

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is that an AI guy ba— nevermind. five stars! season 2 premieres March 11 on @PrimeVideo!

Just got one of my rigs back up and running, probably gonna sell my @Ravencoin rigs cards (6x Rx 570 4gb) and get more powerful 30 series cards or some new amd cards and get it going on eth or whatever else is profitable with my solar setup.

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